Friday, July 6, 2012

Play A Hockey General quiz to know your Gold winning Hockey captains

Here with more fun I am come with more fun of creating game for you. In this game you know the captains of team hockey who won gold medal for there country. Try and judge your knowledge it may help you to gain brain stroms from 1928 to 2012 olympics. Be ready Game is here,

If you like the game then share with your friends on Facebook, twitter, Diggs, or invite them to play hockey virtual game with me. To know read more about Hockey Gold medal history then run in our blog at 2012 London Olympics and Hockey Medal hope for India. Important Question :- Will India won Medal in 2012 London Olympics? Answers :- Yes there are more chances to win medal in 2012 Summer London Olympics? As per predictors India are much prone to win Gold Medal, Silver Medal or Bronze Medal. To read more about Indian Hockey prediction read in our blog titled Hopes of hockey in 2012 Summer London Olympics.

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