Thursday, July 5, 2012

Indian Team Hockey Captain Bharat Chettri leading at 2012 Summer London Olympics

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Its great news to all Indians our lovely hockey team captain Bharat Chettri leading at 2012 Summer London Olympics, at London, Great Britons. Recently Bharat Chettri done a good job in 2012 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia and won the bronze medal. Not yet more team is doing great practice for great performance at 2012 Summer London Olympics. Surely This time Team Hockey India won a Medal in captaining of Bharat Chettri. As great Indian Hockey fan I like to say our team wish you all the best for game. Do your good, sure you can won Hockey Olympic Gold medal this time for India.

Short Biography of Indian Hockey captain Bharat Chettri

Name :- Bharat Chettri
Date of birth :- 1982 (age of 30 years)
Place of Birth :- Darjeeling, India
Game Player :- Hockey (National Game of India)
Playing Style :- Goalkeeper
Hockey debut :- 2011 at Prime Minister’s Gold Cup tournament in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Highest credentials as Hockey player :- Team captain for 2012 Summer London Olympics

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  1. the rising star...but being a hockey national game of india is treated like an orphan..///


      Dear Pravesh,

      I completely agree with you. Follow my sports blog on other sports. I do not cover cricket at all..

      Thanks and regards